Tax Credits

money-houseIn January 2012, the State of Oregon passed legislation making a tax credit of 30% available to homeowners who update their homes with ductless heat pumps and weatherization services.

Now you have the opportunity to lower your monthly bills, increase your home’s comfort and resale value, and help the environment – all at a fraction of the cost!

Visit to learn more about the tax credits and rebates available in your area.

Utility Loan Programs

Your local utility company may be able to help finance your weatherization or ductless heat pump project!
Each utility company offers incentive programs and financing for insulation, window and door replacement, and ductless heat pumps. Zero-interest loans and rebates are available to help you weatherize your home.

Contact your energy provider or visit one of the websites below to find out more about loans and grant programs available. We are approved on all local utility loan and rebate programs.


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